Use of Personnel

Understand Keli'stalent concept

Understand Keli's talent concept

Management idea:
"structural adjustment, pragmatic innovation" is our company's idea. Our company is committed to building China's first-class automotive air brake components, hydraulic components brand manufacturers and national automotive parts industry base, creating the greatest value for consumers, employees and society!

Salary and benefits:
In order to improve the management ability and professional skills of employees, the company invests about 500 thousand yuan every year to organize internal and external training. Every year there are some employees to study MBA/EMBA in Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, and study management and professional skills in Shanghai Mingshi Leader Institute, Taiwan sunsreal management technology.

Ways of using personnel:
We adhere to people-oriented principle, appoint people on their merit, give full scope to the talents.

Our values:
To create the biggest value for consumers, employees and society.

Recruitment: 0 0 0 position

Company, having strong technical strength, is the provincial high-tech R & D center with the design, technology, new product development and other professional and technical personnel among whom there are many senior and intermediate engineers and technology industry workers. With 120 million yuan fixed assets, company is a national high-tech enterprises and China's top 100 auto parts supplier.

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